Sustainability Training by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Bangkok, Thailand
The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in association with the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) will be conducting a Sustainable Tourism Training Class in Bangkok, Thailand from September 15-17, 2015.
eTourism: Communication Perspectives - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
The Università della Svizzera italiana in partnership with the UNESCO chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in World Heritage Sites are offering an massive open online course on eTourism: Communication Perspectives.
Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program to Bring Together Partners from Ukraine, Turkey and Georgia
TrainingAid is excited to be part of the Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program, an integrated rural tourism initiative focused on the sustainable destination development and ecotourism opportunities in the Black Sea Region.
Ecotourism in Protected Areas Conference, Myanmar, May 19-21, 2015
The International Conference on Ecotourism in Protected Areas in Myanmar, May 19-21, 2015, focuses on ecotourism planning and management in and around protected areas to strengthen livelihoods and conservation and to contribute to adaptation.
Responsible Travel Trends and Statistics: Business Case for Sustainability in Tourism
The Center for Responsible Travel report on responsible tourism trends shows that sustainability is critical to not only because of our social and moral responsibilities, but also for business success in today's increasingly conscious consumer markets.
Learn from Food Tourism Experts: WFTA Online Summit, April 9-10, 2015
Online Food Travel Summit, April 9-10, 2015, by the World Food Travel Association is a series of online seminars led by global food travel industry innovators offering key professional insights into tourism product development, business growth, destination marketing, and sustainability practices.
Join the Conversation: European Ecotourism Conference, April 26-29, 2015
3rd European Ecotourism Conference, April 2015, Poland, is a meeting of ecotourism practitioners with the theme "European Ecotourism: facing global challenges".
Tourism Industry Partners & Colleagues: Let’s Connect at ITB-Berlin
March is right around the corner, and for many of us engaged in the world of travel and tourism, it means that it’s time to start thinking about the annual global tourism industry gathering in Berlin, Germany: ITB Berlin.
ByFerdinand Weps | February 17, 2015
Is Blogging an Effective Content Marketing Tool for Travel Brands?
Can blogging be a helpful way to increase visibility and boost search performance of a travel website? Are the efforts and resources needed to run and maintain a blog worth it? Thoughts on blogging and its benefits for travel brands, and tips on how to make blogging an effective part of content marketing efforts.
Travel and Tourism Business Growth: Boost Your Digital Presence
As more and more travelers are searching and booking online, it's become essential for travel brands to build a strong digital presence. Digital marketing is not just about websites and keywords; your digital marketing success needs to be built on a solid foundation of quality content and quality customer experience.