Tourism Sustainability Accelerator Program


“It’s hard to convince businesses to work on sustainability when they are focused on saving costs to survive”.

“We know the importance of sustainability, but our resources are already overstretched”.

“Our suppliers and partners are not interested in sustainability, and we don’t have time to do much about it.”

Sounds familiar?

If you are seeking stakeholder buy-in but facing barriers because of limited resources, or lack of interest, you are not alone! In fact, “not enough [time / money / interest] is among the most common challenges tourism organisations face when working on scaling sustainability practices.


Want to effectively help tourism businesses in your network become more sustainable? Need tools and resources to fast-track your efforts?

With the shared aim of elevating sustainability practices across the tourism industry, the teams at Travindy and TrainingAid are working together to offer solutions for destinations and tourism organisations to:

 Effectively engage businesses in sustainability initiatives.

 Learn from global and local best practices, and apply relevant lessons.

 Help stakeholders implement concrete and measurable sustainability steps.

 Track and measure the impact of your efforts at the destination / network level.

 Achieve quick wins, maintain momentum, and realise progress over time.

Regardless of where you currently are on your sustainability journey, stakeholder engagement is a key part of advancing your efforts. The more companies, partners and members become engaged in sustainability, the more effective you will be in elevating sustainability practices across your network.

Our solutions to help you scale sustainability

Here are some specifics on how we can help:

Vision Setting: We will help you ground your sustainability efforts on a solid understanding of key global frameworks, and apply them to your own context to set a vision that is relevant and meaningful.

Training Needs Assessment: We will work with you to assess your current practices, identify key knowledge gaps, and define priorities for training and skills development, with measurable KPIs.

Sustainability Awareness Building: We will help broaden and deepen your stakeholder engagement efforts with key sustainability insights and essential knowledge.

Boosting Sustainability Performance: We will deliver practical guidance and hands-on training to help businesses set and achieve concrete targets in enhancing sustainability performance, tracking progress based on tangible actions and results.

Train the Trainer: To ensure long-term impacts and commitments, we will provide ToT training to empower key leaders from within your network with both sustainability knowledge and technical insights.

Actionable Knowledge: We will not only provide useful information, but also help you turn best practice examples, case studies, and success stories from other destinations and organisations into concrete action steps addressing your sustainability objectives.



Travindy is a non-profit organisation on a mission to make sustainable tourism a common practice among destinations and businesses around the world, regardless of their size and location.

Through education, research, advocacy, and cooperation with stakeholders, Travindy actively engages in raising awareness and driving positive change.

Some examples of our consulting, sustainability strategy and development work include supporting sustainable tourism initiatives by national tourism boards such as Polish Tourism Organisation and Turismo de Portugal; helping destinations and businesses achieve sustainability awards and certifications (e.g. Green Destinations, Good Travel Seal, Travelife, and Green Globe); and promoting capacity building for local tour operators and suppliers.


TrainingAid is an international tourism training company specialised in sustainable tourism, providing practical professional development opportunities for industry professionals. We invest in people through effective training and knowledge sharing, and deliver people-focused, practical and meaningful learning opportunities to help create sustainable solutions.

Over the years we’ve worked on various projects and initiatives supporting hotels, tour operators, national tourism organisations, destination stakeholders, and more.

Through TrainingAid's partnership with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), we’ve proudly served as a partner for the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program, attended by thousands of professionals from around the world.


And why are we working together?

 We believe in making the most of synergies so we can make our impact reach even further.

 We are not just working together, but combining our strengths to offer concrete solutions that will help scale sustainability practices.

 We share a passion for elevating sustainability practices across the tourism industry, and are driven by our commitment to promoting change.

A key part of the strengths of our partnership comes from our global networks of sustainable tourism professionals, experts and industry leaders who have worked closely with us on various projects, training programs and sustainability initiatives.

And most importantly, we strongly believe that a key ingredient in making our solutions for your organisation as effective and successful as possible is YOU. We look forward to learning more about your commitments, goals, and challenges, and working together with you to design training and stakeholder engagement solutions that work for you.


We’d be happy to discuss more! Please add your name to this list and let us know how we can follow up with you.