About TrainingAid


Who are we?

TrainingAid is an international tourism training company specialized in sustainable tourism, providing practical and accessible professional development opportunities for industry professionals. Meet our network.



What do we do?

TrainingAid provides solutions facilitating knowledge sharing, and creating practical skills building opportunities for tourism industry professionals.

We offer and support online, live and in-person training opportunities, and provide learning and skills building solutions focused on sustainable management of tourism businesses and destinations.



How do we achieve that?

Offering flexible learning options for busy professionals, TrainingAid courses and programs include on-demand self-paced courses and scheduled online courses, as well as live and in-person training sessions.

TrainingAid’s custom-built platform provides easy access to flexible learning, career development and networking opportunities, while helping tourism professionals transform knowledge, data and resources into practical solutions.

We also partner with other industry organizations to develop and manage training and capacity building projects and programs that support the goal of building sustainable solutions for the tourism industry.



And why do we do what we do?

Investing in People: We believe in investing in people's potentials. In fact, the future of our industry depends on the skills and talents of those who work in tourism - today and tomorrow.

Making Learning Matter: We seek to make professional development in tourism more practical, accessible and meaningful, by applying our knowledge, expertise, ideas and visions for better skills training for tourism professionals.

Creating Ripple Effects: By helping spread knowledge and strengthen skills, we are making it easier for tourism industry professionals to make a positive impact.