Capability Statement

Capability Statement - TrainingAid

TrainingAid, as a specialized tourism training company, is uniquely positioned to undertake projects and initiatives focused on sustainable tourism, professional development and capacity building for industry networks, destinations and organizations.

Strengthening Sustainable Tourism

In addition to our expertise in training and skills building opportunities for tourism professionals, TrainingAid brings sector-specific experiences relevant to sustainable tourism and responsible travel, with a proven track record on developing and delivering training in areas focused on sustainability and tourism.  

To highlight our sustainable tourism training capabilities, here are a few of our key past and current / ongoing partnerships and project examples:

  • TrainingAid is the main program partner for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)’s successful training program (GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program, or "STTP"), and has executed various responsibilities such as: developing online modules based on both existing and new materials; coordinating a diverse group of trainers, experts and contributors to ensure a coherent delivery of the overall training program; and implementing regular revisions and improvements according to user needs.
  • TrainingAid has supported the DestiMed+ project (co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund), as consultants focused on training and capacity building. Built on the successes of MEET (Mediterranean Experience for Ecotourism) and DestiMED projects, DestiMED Plus focuses on promoting ecotourism in protected areas across the Mediterranean region through local and regional collaboration.
  • In the past, TrainingAid has supported the development and delivery of training programs, co-hosting and facilitating the customized training offers of the Project Management for Sustainable Development professional certification program to partners such as the European Travel Commission (ETC) and the Integrated Rural Tourism Development (IRTD) Project of UNDP Armenia.

With our practical insights based on relevant industry experiences, we bring ideas, tools and solutions to benefit training and skills development efforts in sustainable tourism.

Facilitating Capacity Building

We are bridge builders.

One of the most important and effective ways for tourism industry professionals to build relevant skills is to learn through the examples, stories and lessons from industry practitioners with relevant expertise.

We help organizations strengthen team performance by facilitating opportunities for team members to exchange ideas, share knowledge and collaborate with each other to help fill any skill gaps they may have.

And we help facilitate this "knowledge transfer" process within the tourism industry by utilizing our network of industry professionals, so that learning from experts become easier for those seeking to improve professional skills.

Designing and Hosting Courses

We are experts in online learning, offering expertise based on:

  • Technical knowledge of e-learning tools and platforms, including implementing tailored solutions for tourism industry organizations and destinations.
  • Experience in instructional design that facilitates effective learning and promotes engagement. 
  • Executing training programs that focus on interactive, engaging and dynamic people-centered approaches to learning.

Our custom-built online learning platform, in addition, provides a robust hosting solution that is optimized for positive user experience and smooth course delivery.

If you're interested in learning more, or would like to discuss collaboration options, please feel free to contact us.