Integrated Rural Tourism Development (IRTD) Project, UNDP Armenia


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November 19, 2018

We are excited to share that through our continued partnership with Jlag and the Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST), the first "blended training" program on PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development) has been launched, offering a 3-week-long tailored online training course (November 19 - December 6) followed by an onsite face-to-face training session taking place in Yerevan.

This blended training program is being delivered as part of the Integrated Rural Tourism Development (IRTD) project, which is financed by the Russian Federation and implemented by UNDP in Armenia in close partnership with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development.

The IRTD project offers an intervention strategy for the development of rural tourism in Armenia, with the objective of creating sustainable income-generating opportunities as a supplemental income source to bring down the level of rural poverty, contribute to equal territorial development and shape conducive environment for rural development.

Tailored PM4SD Online Course

We are thrilled to welcome 24 course participants from various sectors, who are involved in a wide range of tourism and development projects in Armenia.

The tailored PM4SD online course covers the PM4SD Foundation Level training curriculum (which is a professional certification scheme accredited by APMG International), while focusing on applying some of the key aspects of the PM4SD methodology to the projects that the participants are currently working on.

The online course also features guest presentations covering key topics around best practices in destination management, cultural heritage tourism, and product development in sustainable tourism.

Salli Felton is CEO of The Travel Foundation, an independent charity that works with tourism businesses and destination stakeholders to create partnerships that ‘unlock the positive potential of tourism’. With a background in environmental science, Salli has spent the last 20 years of her career working with the private and public sectors to help them recognise and address the social and environmental impacts of their activities, creating stronger, more resilient and more sustainable models of operation. After relocating from her native Australia to the UK, she headed up environmental projects and assessment at one of Europe’s busiest airports, Heathrow, before joining Virgin Holidays as its Responsible Business Manager, overseeing the tour operator’s CSR strategies and programmes.


Christiane Daboud Nasser was Head of the Technical and Monitoring Unit for the EU-funded programme Euromed Heritage IV from 2008-2013, which promoted cultural heritage preservation and development throughout the Mediterranean. She was also part of the core team of Bethlehem 2000 Project, a multi-sectoral development project designed to raise the global profile of Bethlehem in the run up to the Millennium celebrations. She co-founded the Centre of Cultural Heritage Preservation in 2001 and became involved in cultural heritage, and community development in the Bethlehem region, and in programmes of work supported by international organisations including UNESCO, UNDP, World Bank, Sida and the EU.


Marta Mills has worked as an Advisor to the Transcaucasian Trail Association, Inc. (TCTA), which works to coordinate activities between the local NGOs and enable joint planning for the development of the trail, helping to ensure unity and consistency in the trail network and the experience for hikers. The TCTA currently supports two locally registered NGOs in the Caucasus, the Transcaucasian Trail NGO of Georgia and the Transcaucasian Trail Tourism Support NGO of Armenia. In addition to advising the TCTA project, Marta has worked with national and local governments and international donors on rural and mountain tourism development in Georgia. She also writes regularly about tourism in the Caucasus.

To learn more about PM4SD, and the online training options for 2019, please see here.

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