2014 Top Lists: Key Trends Tourism Businesses Should Watch Out For


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January 06, 2014

2014 Trends

We start off the new year by sharing out top five list of lists for 2014 trends, from marketing to design to philanthropy. As with the end of the year (when we saw many year-in-review lists on best books, business and sustainability trends, etc.), January is a time for many blogs and news sites to round up predictions on upcoming trends to watch out for in the new year.

Here are five of our favorite summaries of 2014 trends and predictions, curated by top development and business sites.

1. International Development in 2014 (Council on Foreign Relations)

The year 2013 saw important developments in the field of international aid and development, with lasting impacts on the solutions to some of the the world’s most pressing issues such as poverty alleviation, education, and technology. Here’s a look at how these developments – and their lessons – will continue to influence the lives of millions around the world in the coming years (by CFR Development Blog). As tourismd destinations and businesses around the world continue to play an important role in local and global sustainable development goals, these key development trends and indicators will be an essential part of sustainability strategies for tourism destinations, tour operators, accommodations, and other travel and tourism-related organizations.

2. Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2014 (Social Media Today)

Social media has become, and will continue to be a key part of travel marketing. With more and more travelers seeking travel ideas and inspirations on social media and using social platforms to share their stories before, during and after their trips, it's - more than ever - important for tourism businesses and destinations to stay on top of social media trends. In the social media sphere, it seems that the key developments of 2013 will also continue to influence online trends in 2014. Those seeking to improve social media marketing efforts will benefit from learning about these lasting trends (by Social Media Today), and what they mean to businesses and marketing strategies.

3. Six Travel Trends to Watch in 2014 & Beyond (Travel Market Report)

Finding once-in-a-lifetime travel and adventure experiences is high on the new year's resolution priorities for many people. According to the Travel Market Report on the travel trends "with real staying power", it seems, more younger AND older people are traveling around the world realizing their travel dreams, and they are also often traveling together, in multi-generational family groups. Make the most of these travel trends and market research insights to better promote your products, services and destinations in 2014!

4. The Top Visual Design Trends for 2014 (iStock)

iStock, a leading website for stock images, media and design elements, predicts some of the top visual design trends to look out for in 2014, and according to their predictions, we will be seeing more diverse models in our photos, more "Instagrammy" shots, and more creative works that reflect and embrace changing social trends – including hands-on dads, technology in our lives, and … witches. Travel brands can apply these tips from the latest visual design trends to create enhance their digital marketing materials - from social media graphics, multimedia content, to mobile-optimized campaigns.

5. Philanthropy Predictions 2014 (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Published annually in December, Philanthropy and the Social Economy Blueprint by leading philanthropy scholar Lucy Bernholz offers insights into what to expect in the new year in the world of philanthropy, including new opportunities for charities and nonprofits, and new challenges to be expected, which donors, foundation, and nonprofits will need to be prepared for. These philanthropy and charitable giving insights offer ideas and inspirations for organizations and businesses involved in travel experiences focused on philanthropic activities, as well as any business interested in encouraging employees to become more engaged in their communities through social and environmental programs.

+1 Five reasons why "putting it down on paper" helps productivity

To stay on top of these trends (and beyond), you need tools to help you stay productive in the new year. Here are five reasons why writing things down can help you be more productive and effective. "If we spend less time trying to remember what we have to do and spend more time figuring out how we are going to do them, this will result in increased productivity and efficiency". Found new ideas for improving your tour experiences? Inspired to try out new approaches for engaging travelers online? Start working towards your new goals by writing down your ideas and to-do's!

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