Project Management in Sustainable Tourism

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Project Management Tourism


The PM4SD™ training addresses key factors contributing to the successful execution of sustainable tourism projects.

PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development) is an internationally recognized methodology and professional qualification designed to ensure tourism projects deliver tangible benefits and achieve lasting impacts.

Tailored to the needs of busy tourism industry professionals, the PM4SD online courses offer key opportunities to:

✓  Gain essential knowledge of the key tools you need to ensure project success.
✓  Improve your project management skills through practical exercises.
✓  Apply lessons learned to produce tangible results and achieve performance goals for your own projects.

Delivered through a partnership between Jlag (PM4SD Accredited Training Organisation) and TrainingAid.



Registration Options


Level 01 Foundation Course [PM4SD-F]
EUR 195.00 learn more
Self-Paced Online Course | 1 Year Access | Overview of the PM4SD Methodology

Level 02

Practitioner Course
Custom Training for Groups (min. 12 Participants)

*Contact us to learn more if you're interested. learn more
Facilitated Intensive Training |  Access to Live Presentations | Applying PM4SD in Practice



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Optional PM4SD Exam and Certificate by APMG International

Those who successfully complete the PM4SD training will have the option to participate in the official PM4SD exam (Foundation Level and Practitioner Level), administered by APMG International.

  Foundation Level: The Foundation exam evaluates the training participants' knowledge of the PM4SD methodology, and understanding to work effectively within a project management team to deliver a sustainable tourism project.

  Practitioner Level: The Practitioner exam evaluates the training participants' skills to manage and deliver a sustainable project using PM4SD. *The Foundation level certificate is a prerequisite for the Practitioner certification.

For more information on the PM4SD Exam and Certificate, please see this page (APMG International).



Training Levels

The PM4SD training consists of two levels: the Foundation level, focused on the PM4SD methodology, and the Practitioner level, focused on applying the PM4SD approach to projects.

PM4SD Level 1 Foundation Course


Self-Paced Modules: Learn at Your Own Pace

The PM4SD Foundation course is delivered as a self-paced course, including video lessons, reading materials, and knowledge check quizzes. This convenient self-paced course covers the Foundation-level training content of the PM4SD Syllabus.

live tutorial

Live Q&A: Join an Interactive Session

In addition to the self-paced modules the Foundation course includes regularly-scheduled live Q&A sessions - a great to way to complement your learning with tailored expert guidance. Join us live to get all your questions answered!

prepare for exam

A Solid Foundation: Prepare to Pass the Foundation Exam

Once you complete the Foundation course, you will have the option to sign up for the official PM4SD Foundation Exam. The online course plus the live tutorial will help you prepare to pass the exam and earn the PM4SD Foundation Certificate.


PM4SD Level 2 Practitioner Course

Online practitioner courses are offered as custom training options for organizations (minimum 12 participants). Contact us to discuss details.

Practical Training: Apply Your Knowledge

The Practitioner-level training is delivered as a facilitated online course, with interactive live sessions and hands-on exercises designed to help you turn your knowledge into action, applying the PM4SD approach to real-life project situations.

hands-on exercises

Hands-on Exercises: Practice Using the PM4SD Method

The Practitioner course is designed to help you use the PM4SD framework to ensure project success. Learn to implement the PM4SD tools through a scenario-based exercise, and practice applying the PM4SD approach to your own projects.

Expert Presentations: Learn from Best Practices

The Practitioner course includes, in addition to the interactive lessons and exercises led by the PM4SD Trainer, live presentations by project experts providing practical insights into effective project planning, development and management.  





Why PM4SD?

Travel and tourism constitutes one of the most important forces for global economic activities and development opportunities. At the same time, the diverse and cross-cutting nature of tourism means various threats and challenges posed by seasonality, climate change and socioeconomic and geopolitical instabilities, adding significant challenges for project managers in the tourism sector.

PM4SD is tailor-made for this unique sector and focuses on planning and delivering benefits beyond the project life cycle for all stakeholders.

While the importance of sustainable tourism has been receiving increased recognition in recent years, too often, funding for delivering sustainable tourism projects has been spent without achieving any substantial results. Some of the key reasons behind project failures include:

  Lack of a solid needs analysis.
  Poor planning and project design.
  Inadequate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.
  No integration of planning the delivery of benefits.

The PM4SD methodology has been developed to empower project managers with tools and techniques to better plan and manage funding and investment in the tourism context, and to overcome these challenges.


Quote Salli Felton Travel Foundation Project Success

Silvia Barbone Trainer Quote

How to Deliver Viable and Impactful Tourism Projects: The Travel Foundation Interview

Too many times we see sustainable tourism projects where someone has decided in isolation that they have the answer to an existing challenge. The problem is, if they haven’t done a situational analysis, how can they really understand what the challenge is, or the best way to solve it?

Project Management in Sustainable Tourism: 3 Key Success Factors

To maximize the potential of tourism as a driver of sustainable growth, the tourism sector needs smart and effective approaches to development projects and sustainability initiatives, ensuring that funding and resources for delivering sustainable tourism projects lead to achieving substantial result.




The PM4SD Methodology

PM4SD is a project management methodology focused specifically on the field of sustainable tourism. Providing a highly adaptive and flexible tool for designing and managing projects, PM4SD is based on PRINCE2® (Projects In Controlled Environments), an internationally recognized project management approach used worldwide by both public and private sector practitioners.

The PM4SD methodology is designed to:

  Help project managers deliver long-term benefits beyond the project life cycle for all stakeholders.
  Ensure investments in sustainable tourism projects lead to achieving substantial results for destinations and communities.
  Enable sustainable tourism practitioners to use tourism as a positive force for social, economic and cultural change.

The methodology has been developed by the Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST) in partnership with Jlag, Leeds Metropolitan University, Network of European Regions for a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (NECSTouR), as well as with a group of international experts.

PM4SD™ is a trademark of the Foundation for European Sustainable Development




What do other tourism industry professionals say about the PM4SD training program?


Project Management for Sustainable Development is a practical methodology to improve the sustainability and quality of tourism projects and products - ultimately supporting the investment in marketing these destinations.

Eduardo Santander, Executive Director, European Travel Commission



Working with the PM4SD team, we have aligned our approach to project management - from design and planning, to monitoring the results for delivery. PM4SD provides tools and techniques that enable us to enhance our projects' performance and ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Salli Felton, CEO, The Travel Foundation



PM4SD can be used to enables new models for change; for example, helping organizations better integrate concepts like One Planet Living, assisting leaders in their own self development, and bringing forth cultural based leadership required for the transformational changes we need in our industry and the world.

Dr. Dave Randle, Director, The Blue Community



The value of the PM4SD is the fact that it addresses tourism's social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts on a destination, and provides the tools that allow for a proper management and follow-up of tourism projects.

Christiane Dabdoub Nasser, Team Leader Med Culture Programme



I am extremely happy with the course, the balance of content, the balance of used media, the professionalism of the whole team. In particular the group interaction enabled (and encouraged) through live events and discussion forums is fantastic. It‘s a super tool that enabled a great learning experience.

Ilka Wolter, Project Manager, Events, Marketing & Communications, Germany



The platform was working very well. It is my first online training and I am very satisfied with it. Would certainly recommend it.

Monica Ibido, Project Manager, UNI - Italian National Standardization Body, Italy



[The PM4SD course is] a comprehensive toolbox for guiding the management of complex, donor-funded projects. Great to walk through the various tools and processes in a group setting to get feedback from other students/professionals and how it can be adapted to different projects.

Kelly Galaski, Director of Global Programs, Planeterra Foundation, Canada



As a tourism teacher, I found PM4SD a methodology that can guide us in every project that we develop in our institutions. But, most of all, the thought that is behind this tool has a tremendous potential and can really facilitate our job.

Ana Isabel Rodrigues, Polytechnic Institute of Beja, Portugal



PM4SD permits to create a community of stakeholders in tourism with a common approach on tourism management. PM4SD has filled an important lack with a common approach on tourism management."

Sara Levi Sacerdotti, Project manager SiTI Istituto Superiore Sui Sistemi Territoriali per l'innovazione, Italy