Asia’s Responsible Tourism Leaders: Best Practice Stories and Lessons


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March 19, 2016

Responsbile Tourism Leaders Series

Part 1: Taking Sustainable Luxury to the Next Level
Recorded on: Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

How can luxury brands embrace sustainability and play an active role in creating sustainability solutions for the tourism industry? Learn from the internationally recognized sustainable luxury leaders who are redefining what it means to offer authentic luxury travel experiences, and demonstrating that socially and environmentally sound practices can - and should - be a key part of successful hospitality brands.


Maximizing Community BenefitsPart 2: Maximizing Community Benefits Through Social Innovation and Responsible Volunteer Travel
Recorded on: Thursday, August 4th, 2016

How can responsible tourism operators successfully adopt the social enterprise model? In this free Live Session, we’ll hear from responsible tourism leaders - PEPY Tours (Cambodia) and The Blue Yonder (India) - who have successfully implemented the social business approach, achieving growth both in terms of business success and positive community impact.


Scale Up Sustainable Tourism SalesPart 3: How to Scale Up Sustainable Tourism Sales
Recorded on: Thursday, August 11th, 2016

What does it take to scale up the sales of sustainable tourism products? Sustainable tourism - empowering communities, valuing local natural and cultural heritage and providing unique and memorable experiences for travelers - offers exciting opportunities for tourism businesses, destinations and travelers. So what are the secrets to creating and marketing successful sustainable tourism products?


Wild Asia Responsbile Tourism Awards 10th Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards, which has recognized numerous inspirational projects and businesses from around the region in the past decade. To celebrate this milestone, in 2016 Wild Asia and partners are focusing on documenting and sharing best practice examples and lessons learned from Asia’s top responsible tourism leaders who have been engaged in the award program.

Collaborating with past winners and finalists, the 10 year anniversary initiative will capture diverse stories of successes, challenges, impacts and insights across the program to date.

Live Session Series: Responsible Tourism Lessons & Best Practices

As part of the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards 10-year anniversary initiatives this year, TrainingAid is working with Wild Asia to offer a series of free Live Sessions covering key responsible tourism topics - community-based tourism, sustainable luxury, social enterprise business models for responsible travel, and sustainability initiatives engaging travelers and communities.

These Live Sessions will feature stories of Asia’s responsible tourism leaders, sharing both lessons learned from past experiences and inspirations for positively impacting the future of tourism in the region. Featuring some of the past award recipients’ best practice stories, these sessions will offer valuable opportunities to gain practical insights for travel brands, tourism destinations and other organizations involved in responsible tourism from across Asia and beyond.

The Live Session Series with Wild Asia and Sustainability Leaders will be available in June and July. Sign up for email updates here to make sure you won’t miss these sessions!

About Wild Asia

Wild Asia believes that an understanding of social and environmental issues is fundamental to sustainable developments. With the mission of inspiring businesses to improve their social and environmental practices and to meet and exceed global standards, Wild Asia works to promote change from within the industry.

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of its Responsible Tourism Awards, Wild Asia will showcase lessons learned and best practice stories at ITB Asia (19-21 October 2016) in Singapore.

Wild Asia


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