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Tourism and Development of Collective Welfare
Antonio Rivas, a community tourism and development specialist, shares his journey working in the academic sector exploring sustainable tourism…
Empowerment Through Travel
Ideas and Insights
Travel enriches our lives. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience the joy of traveling can relate to this. But the opportunities to…
Promoting Ecotourism in Venezuela
Paul Stanley, President of Angel-Eco Tours, Angel Conservation Corp. and Fundación Etnika, shares his story of encounters and adventures in…
Grassroots Narratives in Travel Storytelling
Elisa Spampinato, a travel writer and community storyteller, shares her journey in sustainable tourism, and how she found her vision and built her…
Community Tourism Ventures in Colombia
Paola Forero, a historian-turned-entrepreneur who has been working with local and Indigenous communities in Colombia’s northern regions, shares her…
Positive Tourism Impacts on Communities
We’ve asked industry trailblazers and change makers to share their own experiences, highlighting concrete examples of how tourism can be a positive…


Community Tourism Development: CHN Case Study
Case Study
With the aim of maximising tourism’s benefits for rural grassroots communities, Community Homestay Network (CHN) in Nepal invests in tourism products…
Community-Led Cultural Tourism: Khusvegi Camp Case Study
Case Study
The Khusvegi English and Nomadic Culture Camp is a community-led slow tourism initiative in Sagsai Soum (Western Mongolia), helping to foster local…
Pacific Island Food Culture: PIFR Case Study
Case Study
Pacific Island Food Revolution (PIFR) is a multimedia television-led campaign designed to restore the Pacific Islands to their original healthy diet…
Engaging Guests in Sustainability: Feynan Ecolodge Case Study
Case Study
Even for a leading ecolodge like Feynan Ecolodge, known for its sustainability leadership, sustainability may not be the main reason why guests…