Nicola Koschel

Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Berlin, Germany

Nicola Koschel is an independent tourism consultant based in Germany with a focus on the sustainable development and environmental management of tourism. After graduating from a BBA in Tourism Management and Consultancy (NHTV-NL) she obtained a Master in Sustainable Tourism Management (HNEE-DE).

Since 2007 Nicola has worked with and for NGOs, specialist researchers, federal ministries, the German Development Cooperation, the European Commission as well as by order of renowned consultancy firms. Her work portfolio involves product and destination development, feasibility studies, project evaluation, consumer market research, design of appropriate marketing strategies and the organization of study trips, tourism awards, and conferences.

Nicola serves on the Accreditation Panel of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) on behalf of WWF. She is also a member of GSTC’s International Standards Working Group.