Kirsi Hyvaerinen

Managing Director, PRÁTTO Consulting

Kirsi Hyvaerinen has worked in the intersection of destinations, tourism businesses, associations and NGOs since the mid-90s, supporting their joint development from master planning to operational excellence. She focuses on sustainable tourism, capacity building, organizational change, product diversification in emerging and developed destinations, branding and marketing. “You help businesses and places keep their promises” described one of her clients.

In 2013, Kirsi founded the South-East European base of PRÁTTO Consulting, she is co-founder and partner of ITB Advisory and chapter leader of Travel Massive Montenegro. Since 2018, she serves in the Management Board of the Global Ecotourism Network.

Under her project management since 2003, the VDR Business Travel Report Germany delivers representative facts and trends on occupational mobility. Of Finnish origin, Kirsi loves the great outdoors and its protection is close to her heart. She holds a degree in Business Administration (Tourism Management and Marketing) from Heilbronn University, Germany. Since 2006, her basecamp is in the mountains of Montenegro.