Ameer Virani

Founder & Partnerships Manager at Share The Wonder


Ameer Virani is a sustainable tourism development professional with eight years' experience in India, Cambodia, UK, Myanmar, Vietnam and Armenia

He has worked with tour operators, nonprofits and social enterprises contributing to the development of responsible travel within those organizations, primarily through product development with local community involvement and environmental conservation at its core. Working towards a more equitable tourism industry which prioritizes local people and places on the same level as travellers is what he is passionate about.


See Ameer's Sustainability Journey story: "Scaling Positive Solutions through Tourism and Development: a Vision for a More Responsible and Equitable Tourism Industry"

Ameer shared his examples of Positive Tourism Impacts on Communities in our panel article tackling the question: "There are a lot of great examples that show tourism can be a positive force for local communities. What are some of the most inspiring examples you have experienced?