Who We Are

Our Home Base is Hamburg  Hamburg Harbor


We're All About Tourism and Training

Although we are passionate about exploring the world and have lived and worked in various places around the world, we're happy to call Hamburg - proudly known as Germany's "gate to the world" - our home. In addition to its liberal, open and international flare, Hamburg's locally-engaged and globally-minded communities of entrepreneurs and professionals have offered us a great place to build and grow our business in.

We've both been engaged in the travel and tourism industry for many years through various professional roles - including event planning, non-profit operations and hospitality management. Through our diverse experience, we've found our passion in skills building and training development, as we believe that investing in people through effective training and capacity building efforts is one of the most important ways to build sustainable solutions for the tourism industry.

Our inspiration: the people we’ve met and worked with, and the experiences we've been fortunate to have in this amazing industry.

Our solution: facilitating knowledge sharing and creating practical skills building opportunities for tourism industry professionals.

Our dream: to make a difference by helping make professional development in tourism more practical, accessible and meaningful.


The People Behind TrainingAid

ferdinand weps  ayako ezaki  join our team