A Strong Force for Society: Tourism's Impact Beyond Travel Experiences
As the industry continues on its slow and uneven paths of recovery, we would like to share some examples and stories of the positive impacts that tourism brings to our society, as a way to provide a vision for what our sector “building back better” can look like, locally and globally.
By TrainingAid | September 17, 2021
How Can Tourism Businesses Become Climate Positive?
Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Susanne Etti, Environmental Impact Specialist at Intrepid Travel, who shared her insights and lessons on climate action for tourism businesses.
We Declared a Climate Emergency. Here’s How It’s Going So Far.
In January 2020, we joined Tourism Declares Climate Emergency in January, declaring that we are in a climate crisis and the future of our industry depends on our urgent actions to address the crisis.
By TrainingAid | February 03, 2021
We Declare a Climate Emergency: Our Plan and Action Steps
"Carrying on as before, or just tweaking business as usual is not an option." Tourism Declares Climate Emergency is a network of tourism industry organizations and professionals working together to promote concrete solutions to reduce our climate footprints.
By TrainingAid | January 14, 2020