Year in Review 2013: Travel Trends, Sustainability Stories & Opportunities for 2014


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December 29, 2013

Year in Review 2013

From Spotify to the United Nations, “year in review” lists have been among the most frequently shared content during the holiday season. As we reflect on the trends that have shaped our industry and the ideas that have influenced our experiences, it's a perfect time to look back on some of the biggest stories of 2013.

Here are some of our favorite "2013 year in review" lists, curated by leading travel & tourism, business and sustainability blogs.

1. Year in Review: Switchfly Top 5 Industry Trends in 2013 (Switchfly)

Switchfly's top five travel and tourism trend list offers an insight into the changes and key developments that the industry is facing, and will likely continue to face in the coming years: from the evolution of online travel websites, growth of emerging travel destinations, to new travel behavior and preferences such as the blurred lines between business and leisure travel.

2. 2013 Year In Review: China Online Vacation Travel Market (China Internet Watch)

China is a key growing travel market that's on everyone's mind nowadays. The Year in Review list by China Internet Watch shares some key characteristics of China online vacation travel market, including mobile trends, which are expected to continue to influence the global tourism industry in 2014.

3. Top Sustainability Trends of 2013 That Should Keep You Optimistic in 2014 (TriplePundit)

Many 'year in review' lists in the fields of sustainability, CSR, and sustainable development are mixed bags with both good and bad news, demonstrating that although there have been many achievements to be celebrated, we still have a long way to go. This top-five list by TriplePundit is a special one, in that it’s a collection of positive sustainability stories of 2013, to help us stay optimistic for more progress in the new year.

4. Circular economy: the top 5 stories of 2013 (The Guardian)

From Guardian Sustainable Business, this list of top circular economy trends of 2013 also offers some optimism for more positive developments in business and sustainability in the new year. From mushrooms to smart phones, businesses are rethinking ways of making, using and disposing of resources, and are bringing innovative ideas into the new life cycles of what our society consumes.

5. Top 11 Innovative Workplace Stories Of 2013 (Co.Exist)

Speaking of innovation, 2013 has seen many innovative ideas that have transformed work spaces to become more creative and productive. From the "greenest office building in the world" to a Tokyo office building that has within it a rice paddy (among other urban agriculture features), from recycled cardboard office furniture to free desk space-sharing, many businesses and workers are finding new ways to make work unboring.

6. The Most Amazing, Beautiful and Viral Maps of the Year (WIRED)

Maps are great tools to visually represent information and stories – often in the form of interactive data visualization. Thanks to advanced and sophisticated mapping tools, maps nowadays are not just about utility but about data, design, interactivity, and shareability. This WIRED Map Lab collection shares 15 of this year's most stunning maps, many of which have been "made by people who aren't professional mappers".

7. 2013: Year in Review (National Geographic)

National Geographic's year-in-review list is, as one would expect, in the form of an interactive website with quality photos and videos that tell fascinating stories of people and communities around the world, capturing some of the most important moments of 2013 in a range of areas such as travel and adventure, cultures, geopolitics, and the environment.

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