Wildlife Tourism Conference, South Australia, 6-9 November 2016


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August 08, 2016

Wildlife Tourism Conference

WHAT: Wildlife Tourism Conference
WHEN: 6-9 November 2016
WHERE: University of South Australia, Adelaide and themed visits to local wildlife attractions
HOW TO REGISTER: Registration closed

About the Conference

The Wildlife Tourism Conference, to be held in Adelaide, South Australia from 6-9 November 2016, presents the following themes:

  • Leadership in wildlife tourism: developing policy, best practice guidelines and training in quality guiding.
  • Partnerships: partnerships may be between two or more wildlife tour operators (maybe a land-base tour company plus a dive tour), two of different kinds of wildlife/nature experience (e.g. tour guide and ecolodge), wildlife tours and other tourism (e.g. wildlife tours plus winery or outback pub) or between tour operations and those outside the industry (e.g. national parks, NGOs, academic researchers).
  • Ethics in tourism: ethics of dealing with customers and other businesses (including competitors), and animal welfare and conservation issues.



The keynote speakers for the Wildlife Tourism Conference include:

  • Albert Teo, a pioneer of and leader in wildlife tourism in Malaysia, author of several books and founder/manager of award-winning ecotourism ventures in Sabah.
  • Dr Leah Burns, Griffith University, researcher, lecturer and author of publications on such topics as ethics in wildlife tourism, managing animal-human interactions, and wildlife tourism and the host community, currently researching human-wildlife interaction in wildlife tourism settings.
  • Shaun de Bruyn, General Manager at South Australian Tourism Industry Council, with an interest in developing tourism in regional areas and a personal knowledge of many of South Australia’s wilderness regions, and extensive experience in small business, tourism and working with government.



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