Why Training? Investing in People’s Potential


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July 14, 2013

Why Online Learning

We believe that investing in people through effective training, education, and capacity building is one of the most important ways for any organization to achieve success. And investing in people through training is a critical part of business and development goals – increasing opportunities, achieving sustainable growth, empowering communities, implementing change, and ensuring lasting impact.

Can Online Tools Make Training Better?

We see tremendous potential in online training; the myriad of tools available today to create and enhance online training programs offers countless possibilities for creating innovative, interactive, cost-effective, and flexible training programs, and for making them available to more people from more places than would otherwise be possible.

When it comes to the benefits of online training, as with many great things in life, it’s all about balance. Online training is not a solution for all training needs, and it cannot replace face-to-face training. Online training, however, can be an effective way to complement face-to-face training, or to add another dimension to existing training programs to enhance the learning experience.

Our goal, therefore, is to help enhance existing training efforts, as well as creating new opportunities, by offering practical online training tools to support the work of tourism professionals.

Investing in People

At the core of any training success are people; the people who come up with and implement the vision, the people who make training possible by providing skills, resources, knowledge, and technology, and the people who participate in the shared learning experience.

By investing in people’s potential, effective training programs can become a force for long-term change, and a great way to support the key objectives of local and global tourism development. That’s why we are in this field, and that’s why we are excited about the opportunities that online training tools bring to this field, helping make training more diverse and creative, and helping talent grow where it’s most needed.

Ferdinand is the Director of Operations and Learning Solutions and Co-Founder of TrainingAid, an online platform specialized in skills training for tourism destinations and industry professionals.