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August 11, 2015

We are excited to collaborate with Travindy as a partner, and enthusiastically recommend all our readers to follow the responsible tourism news and sustainable travel stories on the Travindy website and weekly newsletter.

Sustainability Stories for Tourism Industry Professionals

Travindy essential tourism newsFor tourism professionals, staying up-to-date on key industry trends and developments is critical. Making time to follow and digest all the information available on the internet, however, is a challenge.

A good place to find quality curated and customizable content for tourism industry professionals is Travindy. Focusing exclusively on sustainable and responsible tourism news, Travindy reports on the innovations, insights and issues shaping a sustainable future for tourism.

The website aims to make it as easy as possible for people to keep up with developments in tourism sustainability.

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Find Useful Industry News Efficiently

Featuring the latest stories from across the internet, Travindy makes it easy to find the best information about what's happening in the world of sustainable and responsible tourism.

Travindy's story format is also unique, as each item is presented with a short summary of its content and a link out to the original article source. Those needing more depth can also explore relevant reports and practical tools, enabling people to engage with the themes covered in the story.

Travindy story
Travindy story page: "In Brief" summary, additional "In Depth" related resources

Travindy also publishes an email newsletter featuring a round up of the top stories each week, and readers can customize the updates covered in the newsletter, so that they receive stories on topics that matter to them - from climate change to human rights, accessible tourism to latest technology.

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