Tourism Skills and Jobs: Research on Skills Training for Industry Professionals


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April 25, 2016

Tourism Skills and Jobs TrainingAid Report

UPDATE: The survey is now completed

The survey is now completed and the key findings and recommendations can be found at the following page: 6 Key Findings On Skills Development for Tourism Professionals. Further we developed an infographic based on the research findings.

About the Survey: Share Your Insights and Experiences

TrainingAid is currently conducting research on the current landscape of (online and offline) training opportunities for tourism professionals, and seeking input from industry stakeholders.

  • What: A short online survey on training opportunities and skills needs for tourism professionals.
  • Why: Because skills matter for your tourism business success, and for the sustainable development of our industry.
  • Who: Tourism industry employers and industry professionals.
  • When: April 25th - May 20th, 2016.

Research Objectives: Key Questions and Expected Outcomes

The goal of the research is to offer practical recommendations, which may be applied to future research projects and training and education initiatives by tourism industry organizations.

In addition to the above survey, the research project will include an analysis of existing training programs and of descriptive data on stakeholder perspectives gathered through in-depth interviews.

Based on these approaches, we aim to present insights into the following key questions:

Current trends and issues:

  • How are talent development and capacity building needs in the tourism industry being addressed by training programs and skills development opportunities?
  • How can these opportunities be improved for tourism organizations?

Real-life examples:

  • What are some examples of training and skills development opportunities currently available for tourism professionals?
  • What specific benefits do they provide for which stakeholder groups (e.g. career seekers, destination specialists)?

Ideas and recommendations:

  • How can tourism industry businesses and organizations improve their efforts in the areas of talent development and skills training?
  • How can tourism industry stakeholders help enhance the benefits of training and skill-building programs?

The outcome of this research will be a report, to be made available late this summer, on key findings about skills building tools and resources for tourism professionals, and ideas and recommendations on how tourism industry organizations can benefit from and help enhance training opportunities. We also plan on sharing insights based on this report through local and regional events, as well as through online presentations.

Why Skills Matter: Sustained Business Success, Sustainable Future for Tourism

Professional skills development is a critical ingredient of success for any tourism business. Investing in employees' knowledge and skills building can not only contribute to the business’ overall performance goals, but also help enable a culture of innovation, which the business needs in order to stay competitive.

Further, investing in people through skills development opportunities is also an important way to support the sustainable development of the tourism industry as a whole. The individuals who work in tourism – and the skills they bring to the industry – are the most important “assets” that available to the industry enabling innovation and creative solutions. All tourism industry organizations, therefore, have a stake in creating and enhancing training opportunities for current and future tourism professionals.

"People are a unique source of value and competitive advantage, driving innovation, delivering quality tourism services and supporting sustainable tourism development" (Stacey, J., 2015, “Supporting Quality Jobs in Tourism”, OECD Tourism Papers, 2015/02, OECD Publishing).


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