Keep It Simple So the Message Is Clear: Tourism Marketing Campaign Inspirations
What’s the most important rule to follow when trying to get your message across to your target audience? "Keep it simple," a great piece of advice about simplicity applies to so many aspects of our lives – including, of course, how stories and messages influence travel decisions and travelers' behavior.
#SMWSocTravel Social Networks for Travel Professionals
TrainingAid is hosting an event during the upcoming Social Media Week in Hamburg – Social Media Skills for Social Travel Entrepreneurs (18 Feb 2014) – and we’ll be sharing tips, ideas, and resources for travel and social media professionals before and during the event, with the tag #SMWSocTravel. As a quick ‘preview’ of our...
ByTrainingAid | February 13, 2014
Learning by Doing: How to Make Learning Practical
Here are some tips on how to make learning by doing an easier and more practical part of your routines and work habits. The best part about learning by doing is that the “doing” is a part of your continuous “learning”, so the more you do, the more you learn, and the more you learn, the better you become.
 Why Presentation Skills Matter
Improving your presentation skills is important because the more memorable, impactful, and effective your presentations are, the more both you and your audience will get out of the learning and sharing experience of a meeting, lecture, or workshop (or whatever else your presentation is for).
Make a Difference Like Your Favorite Leader
When you think of a leader who has made a difference in the world or has inspired positive change, who comes to mind? Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Ky, Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai… (those are some names that I think of, in no particular order). In terms of leadership...
ByAyako Ezaki | January 25, 2014
SocEntEU: From Ambitious Movements to Mainstream Policies
Last week in Strasbourg, European institutions, led by the European Commission and its Social Business Initiative (SBI) and joined by hundreds of entrepreneurs, policy makers and social advocates, hosted a 2-day conference on social entrepreneurship (“SocEntEU”) and took an important step.
ByAyako Ezaki | January 20, 2014
2014 Top Lists: Key Trends Tourism Businesses Should Watch Out For
We start off the new year by sharing out top five list of lists for 2014 trends that tourism businesses and destinations should watch out for - from marketing, social media, to visual design, to philanthropy and charitable giving. As with the end of the year, January is a time for many blogs and news sites to round up...
ByTrainingAid | January 06, 2014
Year in Review 2013: Travel Trends, Sustainability Stories & Opportunities for 2014
From Spotify to the United Nations, “year in review” lists are among the most frequently shared content during the holiday season. As we reflect on the year, it's a perfect time to look back on some of the biggest stories of 2013. Here are some of our favorite "2013 year in review" lists, curated by leading travel...
ByTrainingAid | December 29, 2013
Online Courses by TraningAid: Coming in 2014
What are we up to these days? A lot of exciting development! We continue to work on building different parts of our company, getting the word out, and of course, learning wherever and whenever we can. But perhaps most importantly, we are working on one of our first and biggest projects of our own; we are building a TrainingAid...
ByFerdinand Weps | December 10, 2013
Making Learning More Effective and Engaging: Lessons for Trainers
Does your class or training program encourage open-minded approaches to exploring new experiences, help create a positive learning environment, and make it easy for the learner to make sense of key learning points? If not, perhaps some of these lessons may offer useful tips to make it more learner-friendly.
ByAyako Ezaki | December 04, 2013