New Online Course Announced: Training for Certified Project Managers in Sustainable Tourism


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October 05, 2017

PM4SD (Project Management for Sustainable Development) certificate courses are now available online, through a partnership between Jlag, a PM4SD accredited training organization, and TrainingAid, an international tourism e-learning company specialized in sustainable tourism.

PM4SD Training Online Course
Learn more about PM4SD Certification and Training

"Sustainable tourism projects must deliver benefits for all stakeholders and achieve lasting impacts,” says Silvia Barbone, Director of the Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism (FEST), “and PM4SD offers a proven approach to effective project management, tailored specifically to the tourism sector.”

The methodology of PM4SD has been developed by FEST and its partners in order to empower project managers, policy makers and entrepreneurs with tools and techniques to better plan and manage sustainable tourism projects, and to ensure long-term success.

Since 2013, 20+ PM4SD training courses have been delivered in over a dozen locations across Europe and beyond. The upcoming online courses (scheduled for Spring and Summer 2018) by Jlag and TrainingAid are the first fully-online editions of the PM4SD training.

The PM4SD online courses are offered as a 4-week facilitated and interactive online course format, featuring video lessons, tools and resources, group exercises and live presentations. By completing this online course, participants are able to satisfy the requirements to participate in the official exam of the PM4SD certification scheme administered through APMG International, the leading accreditation and exam institute.

The PM4SD certification is an important benchmark for sustainable tourism practitioners, demonstrating their abilities to design innovative tourism projects and to deliver successful outcomes and lasting benefits.

The online PM4SD Foundation-level courses (offered twice in 2018) are now open for registration.



About Jlag

JlagJlag is a tourism consultancy specialized in the planning, developing and delivering effective and sustainable tourism initiatives. Jlag's sustainable tourism projects cover areas such as culture and heritage tourism, food travel, rural tourism development and more.

Contact: Silvia Barbone, silvia.barbone [at]

About TrainingAid

TrainingAidTrainingAid is an international tourism training company offering online training courses and skills development opportunities for travel and tourism industry professionals. With expertise in sustainable tourism, TrainingAid focuses on training and capacity building programs helping build sustainable solutions for the tourism industry.

Contact: Ayako Ezaki, ayako [at]


TrainingAid is an international tourism e-learning company offering online training courses and skills development opportunities for tourism professionals.