Key Factors for Resilience and Sustainability in Tourism Businesses
For organizations (such as tourism businesses), the concept of resilience is a key part of what makes them stronger, and better prepared to respond to and recover from shocks (including - but NOT limited to - the COVID19 pandemic). To become resilient, businesses need both good planning and operational approaches ("hard factors...
Collaboration to Accelerate Tourism’s Race to Net Zero: Karina Moreton, Panoramic Journeys
We are pleased to share this interview with Karina Moreton, Co-Founder and Impact Producer at Panoramic Journeys, who has been working on scaling climate solutions through her work on grassroots experiences, film production and climate collaborations.
Climate Positive Tourism: Make Carbon Offsetting a Meaningful Part of Your Climate Journey
Is carbon offsetting a part of the steps towards becoming climate positive? Is it a valid solution or just greenwashing? We will address these questions - and more - to better understand offsetting.
ByTrainingAid | October 14, 2021
Inclusive Events: 3 Lessons on How to Create Inclusive and Impactful Experiences
Based on the research “Questioning the inclusivity of events: the queer perspective” (Ong, Lewis and Vorobjovas-Pinta, 2020), here are some of the key factors LGBTIQ+ community members consider when evaluating whether an event is inclusive (prior to attending the event), and tips on what event organizers can do to ensure their...
A Strong Force for Society: Tourism's Impact Beyond Travel Experiences
As the industry continues on its slow and uneven paths of recovery, we would like to share some examples and stories of the positive impacts that tourism brings to our society, as a way to provide a vision for what our sector “building back better” can look like, locally and globally.
ByTrainingAid | September 17, 2021
Sustainability Training for Tourism and Hospitality Employees
For the 4th edition of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: Principles of sustainable operations (published by Routledge), TrainingAid has contributed a case study on “Effective Management of Sustainability Training for Tourism and Hospitality Employees”. Based on our experience developing and providing sustainability...
How Can Tourism Businesses Become Climate Positive?
Earlier this year, we had the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Susanne Etti, Environmental Impact Specialist at Intrepid Travel, who shared her insights and lessons on climate action for tourism businesses. We’ve summarized some of the key ideas and insights shared in Susanne’s presentation and our live Q...
Binna Burra Lodge: Reimagining Sustainable Hospitality with Community Values
We’ve talked to Steve Noakes, Chairperson of Binna Burra Lodge (Lamington National Park, Australia), who has been leading the efforts of rebuilding the iconic lodge that was destroyed by wildfires in 2019, while facing the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. The company has successfully returned to welcoming (local and domestic)...
Sustainability Solutions for Hotels: Stakeholder Engagement, Supply Chain Management
Related to sustainability practices, what are some of the key challenges facing hotels? What can hospitality professionals and accommodation leaders do to implement concrete steps towards becoming more sustainable? Based on the discussions shared through the recent GSTC Sustainable Hotel Course, below are some key...
We Declared a Climate Emergency. Here’s How It’s Going So Far.
In January 2020, we joined Tourism Declares Climate Emergency in January, declaring that we are in a climate crisis and the future of our industry depends on our urgent actions to address the crisis. As we stated one year ago, “by focusing on what we do well - sharing knowledge and inspiring change - we aim to achieve...
ByTrainingAid | February 03, 2021