ICTs for Sustainable Cultural and Heritage Tourism: Summer School 2016


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January 30, 2016

ICTs for Sustainable Cultural and Heritage Tourism

WHAT: 2-Week Programme on "ICT for Promotion and Development of Sustainable Tourism at Cultural and Religious Heritage Sites"
WHEN: August 29 - September 9, 2016
WHERE: Casa dei Padri, Armeno (NO), Italy
HOW TO APPLY: Send your CV and a one-page motivation letter to unescochair [at] usi.ch by March 31, 2016
FEE: 1000 EUR (includes tuition, board and lodging, social activities). Scholarships available to IFITT members.

About the 2016 Summer School

Focusing on information and communication technologies (ICTs) for promotion and development of sustainable tourism at cultural and religious heritage sites, the Summer School seeks to contribute to capacity building and knowledge advancement in the interdisciplinary research field, cross fertilizing tourism and technology studies. The program is conducted in English, and features ex-cathedra classes, discussions, hands-on workshops, poster sessions, and guided tours. The Summer School is designed to benefit researchers and practitioners, including World Heritage Site managers, destination managers and marketers, and tourism professionals interested and engaged in heritage tourism.

For more information on the program, trainers and topics, please see this page from UNESCO Chair in ICT to develop and promote sustainable tourism in the World Heritage Sites at Università della Svizzera italiana (USI).

ICTs for Cultural and Religious Heritage Tourism

Besides representing a wide segment of the tourism market, cultural tourism is an opportunity for territorial development and cultural promotion. It points out, in fact, the very goal of tourism: to exit known territories in order to enter new spaces and encounter different human communities, cultures and lifestyles. In particular, sacred heritage needs to be considered, since it constitutes a major part within every culture.

In this context, ICTs can play key roles in supporting and enriching cultural tourism, promoting a sustainable approach and enhancing the understanding of different cultures and traditions.

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