Hotel Revenue Management Workshop, 19-20 September 2017


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July 17, 2017

Hotel Revenue Management

WHAT: Two-day workshop on Hotel Revenue Management by University of Surrey and Snapshot
WHERE: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Surrey (Guildford, Surrey)
WHEN: 19-20 September 2017
REGISTER: Register online here

The course aims to broaden an understanding of Revenue Management, promising some hard work, fun interactive exercises, along with opportunities to network. Attendees will apply their learning by taking part in a competitive web based simulation, responding to business situations, and using market intelligence to make decisions throughout a year of trading. The course will wrap up with an analysis of ‘big data’ together with discussions on future trends in Revenue Management.

The course is designed and delivered by University of Surrey in partnership with SnapShot, a Berlin-based startup which provides analytics for hotel data, stored in the cloud, and presented on an intuitive, actionable dashboard. The School’s Centre for Research and Enterprise offers open and bespoke executive education programmes to meet the increasing demand for industry-specific learning and development.

The partnership between the University of Surrey and Snapshot ensures the course provides attendees with access to the latest in both academic research and industry real time developments in the area of Revenue Management.


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