Half-Day Workshop on Measuring What Matters in Tourism, London, UK


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April 22, 2016

NEF Consulting - Measuring What Matters in Tourism

WHAT: Half-Day Workshop on "Measuring What Matters in Tourism" by NEF Consulting
WHEN: Tuesday, June 14th, 2016, workshop 2-5pm, networking 5-6pm
WHERE: London, UK
HOW TO REGISTER: Contact Anke Winchenbach at anke.winchenbach [at] nefconsulting.com

About the Workshop: Measuring What Matters in Tourism

A half-day exploratory workshop with thought leaders and decision makers within tourism, this event is designed as an exploratory step to assess the areas and levels of interest in measuring what matters in tourism, and how we can enable and support organisations to measure what matters. The workshop will feature current knowledge and experience of impact assessment within both tourism and other industries.

Those participating in this workshop will

  • Have contributed to a critical debate on measuring what matters in tourism.
  • Have gained a better understanding about the principles of tourism impact assessment and be able to develop indicators that measure what matters.
  • Have greater awareness of work that has already been done and what indicators already exist.
  • Be able to communicate the need for improved tourism impact assessment within their organisation and externally.
  • Have gained a better understanding of how to monitor and manage impact on an ongoing basis.

Measuring the Impacts of Tourism on Destinations

Global tourism is forecast to double in size over the next 15-17 years. The measures that we have used historically to understand tourism have played a vital role in shaping tourism as it stands today. They have focused on measuring tourism volume and occasionally on mapping ecological resource utilisation and economic outcomes at a macro level. What they have not accounted for are the economic, social and cultural effects of tourism at the destination level.

There is increasing evidence that tourism development can generate stresses and imbalances which, within our current systems of measurement, only become visible when they reach a crisis point. It becomes clear that tourism cannot flourish without vibrant communities. The sheer scale of potential global demand for international and domestic travel will inevitably place ever- increasing pressures on these communities. The ways in which we develop targets to deliver change, and measure process, will reflect the social license operated by tourism businesses and policy makers.

Learn more about the workshop here.


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