Facebook Community for Tour and Activity Operators


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May 21, 2016

Tour Operators United

WHAT: "Tour Operators United", an online community for tour and activity operators
WHERE: Facebook
WHO: Tour & activity operators, tour guides, travel service providers
HOW TO JOIN: Register here to get free access to the community

"Tour Operators United" is an exclusive Facebook community for tour and activity operators who are dedicated to learning the skills that will help them transform their business and sell more tours.

Marketing Coalition for Tour & Activity Operators

Part of the key goals of the Tour Operators United Group is to bridge the gap between tour and activity operators who understand marketing and do it right and those who are struggling to achieve success. The Group aims to close that gap by giving all tour and activity operators all of the very best information available to ensure that they are selling quality and successful tours, and making sure that every facet of their brand aligns with the tours and activities that they are selling.

Discussions and Community Feedback

Tour Operators United Group Members have access to weekly discussion and feedback sessions that address major pain-points experienced by tour and activity operators, tips on relevant resources to help tour business success, and opportunities learn from and share your questions, comments and idea with fellow travel professionals from around the world.

Group Exclusive AMAs with Experts

Tour Operators United Group offers regular live "Ask Me Anything" sessions with guest experts, discussing various topics and offering valuable insights to help tour businesses become more successful - from web marketing, customer relations, online reputation management, to working with international outbound operators, to product development best practices, and much more!


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