Join the Conversation: European Ecotourism Conference, April 26-29, 2015


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March 29, 2015

European Ecotourism Conference Poland

WHAT: 3rd European Ecotourism Conference organized by The Social Ecological Institute
WHEN: April 26-29, 2015
WHERE: Hotel Windsor, Jachranka, Poland (See information on how to get there)
HOW TO JOIN: Fill out this online form to register. *There is no registration fee, and accommodation is free of charge for conference participants.

Event Summary: 3rd European Ecotourism Conference

The 3rd European Ecotourism Conference is a meeting of ecotourism practitioners from around the region, aiming to further critical conversations about the current and future developments of ecotourism in Europe. With the theme "European Ecotourism: facing global challenges", the conference program will feature discussions on key topics such as climate change and tourism, health and wellness tourism trends, financing ecotourism, and sustainable rural community development.

Conference speakers include Michael Meyer (Ecological Tourism in Europe, Germany), Mary Mulvey (Ecotourism Ireland), Chris Milnes (Hellenic Ecotourism Society, Greece), and Karolina Likhtarovich (Greenways Poland).

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EuroEco: Ongoing Conversations on Ecotourism in Europe

European Ecotourism Conference 2015Since the first European Ecotourism Conference in 2010, which was held in Pärnu, Estonia, the conference and its online and off-line networks have served as an important platform for ecotourism practitioners, businesses and destinations from across the continent and beyond.

In 2013, the second edition of the European Ecotourism Conference was held in Poiana Brașov, Romania, organized by the Association of Ecotourism in Romania. Video recordings of the 2013 conference sessions are available here.

In addition to the learning and networking opportunities at the conference, the European Ecotourism community can be found on various social networking sites (Facebook: European-Ecotourism-Conference, LinkedIn: European Ecotourism Conversations). 

About the Organizer: The Social Ecological Institute

The Social Ecological Institute is a non-profit organization supporting ecological initiatives in Poland. The Society provides professional services to a diverse range of programs and activities, helping promote the sustainable rural development and biodiversity conservation. Working closely with key local stakeholders - local residents, organic farmers, agricultural schools, youth groups and cultural associations - the Society supports ecotourism in Poland through education, development projects and partnership initiatives. Learn more.


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