EUROPARC Conference 2016, Jura Vaudois Regional Park, Switerzland, 18-22 October 2016


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July 17, 2016

EUROPARC Conference 2016

WHAT: EUROPARC Conference 2016
WHEN: 18-22 October 2016
WHERE: Jura Vaudois Regional Park, Switerzland
HOW TO REGISTER: Register online here (deadline 15 September 2016)

About the Conference

EUROPARC Conference is the largest gathering of parks professionals in Europe. Each year, the EUROPARC Federation members, partners and friends gather to discuss and debate the importance of Protected Areas and to share news, experiences and ideas.

The Conference is entitled "We are Parks!" and will discuss topics such as: What role do the people play in the creation and management of a park? What challenges is the Swiss system confronted with? What aspects are relevant to other countries?

In addition to plenary sessions, meeting and field trips, the conference offers fourteen 4-hour workshops that enable a more detailed analysis of a given topic, with case studies, including topics such as education of the local population, wetland management and restoration, youth programme for parks, volunteering, and financing and sponsorship for parks.


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