Earth Day Inspirations for Every-Day Environmental Actions


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earth dayCelebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day (and often also the whole month of April as Earth Month), is a great "teachable moment" to promote environmental awareness. 

To celebrate Earth Day and to share inspirations for environmental actions that we can take every day, here are some sites that I follow for regular green news and stories on sustainability solutions and eco-innovations.

If you're looking for simple steps to virtually be part of the worldwide Earth Day celebration, reading, joining, following, or supporting some of these sites may be a good place to start.

mongabay.comFounded in 1999, is one of the pioneers of environmental news websites. I've been a Mongabay follower for many years, and consider the site a reliable source of quality educational content on environmental science and conservation news. From professional reporting on the frontiers of forest conservation and wildlife protection, to interviews with leading environmental heroes, offers great learning materials for anyone interested in being more informed of what's happening in our world (we should all be interested in that, shouldn't we!), as well as educational materials for children and educators.   

The Story of Stuff Project

The Story of Stuff ProjectDo you ever feel that our world is consuming and wasting too much stuff, and the problem is out of control? It's easy to feel that individually we're powerless to do anything about the problem of too much stuff, "but that's not the way things have to be" - that's at the core of the Story of Stuff Project's message, and that's why I like to follow and share their stories. Practical, simple, and positive messages about sustainable solutions - from how to avoid plastic water bottles to how to turn our ideas into game-changing solutions - are extremely important because it's only by getting families and communities on board with change that a movement can really take off.  

1 Million Women

1 Million WomenBy creating a community of engaged and passionate women - mothers, sisters and daughters who have significant influence on household purchases - sharing ideas to make everyday choices better, 1 Million Women has managed to make "fighting climate change" seem less daunting. I've learned about and joined this community because one of my favorite celebrity chefs is an 1 Million Women ambassador, and I really appreciate that many of the stories, tips, and ideas shared on the site are about food and cooking. Each small action to live simply can be a small but important step towards creating lasting climate solutions - and each small action multiplied by 1 million can and will lead to a very big change.

Food Tank

Food TankFor many of us, food is something we take for granted. It's to be easily bought, enjoyed and shared (as well as photographed and shared), and discarded when old or simply too much. But food is also at the core of environmental challenges facing today - as some parts of the world eat and waste too much, and some don't have enough, and globally, food production creates significant ecological footprint. That's why we need organizations like Food Tank - "the Food Think Tank" - to learn about solutions and to learn how we can change the way we think about food.     

Of course, these are only a few of the many great resources and online communities that support positive environmental actions and solutions. Please do share your own favorites and recommendations, as well as your ideas for promoting environmental awareness on Earth Day! 

Ayako Ezaki is Co-Founder and Director of Training Strategies & Development at TrainingAid, an international tourism and training company offering training and skills development opportunities for tourism industry professionals.