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infographic tourism skills and jobsTourism Skills and Jobs | 6 Key Findings

TrainingAid conducted an online survey of tourism industry stakeholders on the topic of skills development for industry professionals. The main objectives of the survey were: to understand tourism industry stakeholders’ learning and professional development needs; to gain insights into desired and required skills, as well as perceived skill gaps in the tourism industry; to learn about examples of training and skills development opportunities currently available for tourism professionals; and to identify key challenges and needs for improving training programs and skills development opportunities.


infographic analytics

Online Travel Booking Trends and Web Analytics

TrainingAid's infographic, "Online Travel Booking Trends: Why Analytics Matters," explores how today's travelers find and book travel online. More and more travelers around the world are using the Internet as a main source of travel information, inspiration, and planning. In many markets, this trend is also increasingly shifting from desktop to mobile and tablet devices..