Suzy Hutomo

Sustainability Advisor, Bali Tourism Board
Bali, Indonesia

Suzy Hutomo co-founded The Body Shop Indonesia with her husband in 1992, where she is now Chairwoman.

Parallel to her successful career in business, she is a committed environmental activist. Suzy is a presenter in Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, and serves as a member on various boards of reputable NGOs such as Greenpeace South East Asia (2008-), Yayasan KEHATI (2012-present), Yayasan Lensa Masyarat Nusantara (LMN) (2014-), and Yayasan Kopernik (2016-).

For Suzy, the well-being of the environment, threatened by climate change, lies at the interface of her identities as a businesswoman and activist.

Suzy’s goal is to help and inspire others to develop a green and sustainable lifestyle whilst also proving that being mindful of the environment can be easy, fun and effortless.