Rob Holmes

Founder & Chief Strategist, GLP Films
Kennebunk, Maine, USA

Rob Holmes is the Founder & Chief Strategist of GLP Films, an award-winning content marketing agency dedicated to authentic storytelling and ROI-based distribution campaigns for the travel industry.  Rob has over 20 years of experience in travel, with a diverse background in multimedia content, sustainable tourism, strategic marketing and global business. Since founding GLP, Rob has harnessed the power of the travel industry to create positive impacts across destinations, communities and stakeholders. Rob has traveled to over 40 countries, directed 200+ films, and spearheaded countless global content campaigns for destinations, media, airlines, brands, operators, hotels, and nonprofit organizations. In line with his dedication to sustainable tourism, Rob has a B.A. degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation Biology, and an M.B.A. in International Business, Marketing and Environmental Management.  Rob often speaks on sustainable tourism, storytelling, and content marketing at leading industry events.