Peter Richards

Responsible Tourism and Community Based Tourism Expert

Peter Richards has 15 years of hands-on experience working in the ASEAN region, at the crossroads of responsible tourism and community development. Peter has worked in the private and NGO sectors, with stakeholders including government, tourism associations, businesses, tour guides, local communities, hotels, and restaurants. He also holds an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management.

Peter started his career in Responsible Tourism in 2000, as Intrepid Travel’s Regional Responsible Travel Coordinator and subsequently worked with Thai colleagues to establish Thailand Community Based Tourism Institute. Since 2010, Peter has broadened his experience by undertaking diverse, responsible tourism consultancies for Thai and international organisations. Peter lectures on tourism and community development and facilitates study tours and field research for students and professionals.

Peter also works with his wife, Premruethai, to operate the award winning Family Tree store in Hua Hin, Thailand, which supports over 40 Thai community groups, local artists, social and environmental initiatives. Between 2012-2015, Peter was a judge for the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards. in 2015, Peter was awarded the UK Association for Tourism in Higher Education's Prize for Best Post Graduate Student of Tourism.

He works as Consultant on Cultural Tourism Development and Market Access for the International Trade Centre's community based cultural tourism programs in Kayah state, Myanmar.