Patice Talaue

Certification Manager at World Cetacean Alliance


Patice started her career as an academic researcher in the Philippines and eventually found her passion in making tourism concepts and knowledge accessible to communities and practitioners. With a drive to find ways of applying theory into practice, she became involved in creating and implementing various capacity-building programs in tourism development and management for local governments, national institutions, and tourism stakeholders. She also helped formulate several tourism development plans in the country, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary. She is also involved in various marine wildlife initiatives in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, primarily where tourism is used as a tool for conservation.
Currently, Patice leads the Green Destinations Training Program, delivering capacity-building initiatives to the organization's network of sustainable destinations. She is also the Certification Manager of the World Cetacean Alliance, the largest global partnership working to protect cetaceans and their habitats.

Patice shared her views on Climate Action in Tourism in our panel article tackling the question: „What are some of the examples of impactful climate action in tourism you've seen or been involved in?