Paras Loomba

Founder at Global Himalayan Expedition


Paras is the founder of Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE), a social Impact tourism enterprise, that takes travellers from all over the globe to the remote villages of Himalayas and provides these villages with access to clean energy through setup of solar microgrids.  Over last 9 years, Paras has led several leadership expeditions to Ladakh (India) to provide clean energy access to the remote off-grid Himalayan communities. His initiative GHE, has been instrumental in electrifying 170 villages along with setup over 87 carbon neutral homestays in these villages, thereby impacting over 100,000 lives in the process. 

Paras is inspired by cutting edge technologies and applies it to drive sustainable tourism businesses for rural communities. An engineer by profession, Paras merges technology and passion with an approach to entrepreneurial models in these high-altitude areas advocating use of sustainable tourism solutions that would eventually providing stimulus to local economy, reducing local emigration and preserving age old cultural Himalayan heritage. For their work in Impact and sustainable tourism, GHE was recently recognized by the UNFCCC at COP 26 and awarded the Climate Change Award. GHE has also received awards from World travel and tourism Council (WTTC) and recognized by UNWTO as one of the successful case studies in sustainable tourism. GHE’s work has also been highlighted by BBC and National Geographic as one of the "Breakthrough technologies" in the present world. 

Paras shared his views on Climate Action in Tourism in our panel article tackling the question: „What are some of the examples of impactful climate action in tourism you've seen or been involved in?