Pablo Gordienko

General Manager at Macaw Lodge

Costa Rica

Pablo Gordienko is a passionate entrepreneur who has dedicated himself to promoting reforestation, sustainable agriculture, among other concepts necessary for a nation that is rich in biodiversity and nature. His effort and vision culminated in the creation of the Macao Sanctuary, a 400-hectare private reserve located in the Cerros de Turrubares, in the Central Pacific area of ​​Costa Rica. The main objective is the protection of the scarlet macaw through reforestation, agroforestry systems and conservation. 

With a Bachelor's in General Agriculture from Louisiana State University and a Master's in Agricultural Business Administration from Santa Clara University, Pablo gained knowledge and experiences that helped him return to the country with a new mission and vision. Pablo has worked for many years in the field of export agriculture of ornamental plants for the European market. He was President of the Chamber of Producers and Exporters of Ornamental Plants of Costa Rica. 

He has worked in the field of reforestation planting more than 400 hectares and is a partner of the company Protegiendo El Bosque that protects more than 500 hectares of Cloud Forest. Today, the Macau Sanctuary is not only a reserve dedicated to conservation, but it is also the location of Macaw Lodge, a hotel specializing in promoting a sustainable lifestyle where sustainable agroforestry systems are also taught; In addition, it is the headquarters of an artisan chocolate factory produced with the cocoa that is grown there. Pablo and his collaborators continue to work to be a national and global example of sustainability and change.

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