Oliver Hillel

Board Member at Linking Tourism and Conservation


Oliver Hillel is Programme Officer at the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity, responsible for the engagement of States, Regions and cities in the work of the Convention, and for the mainstreaming of biodiversity and its services into economic sectors and development, including technological innovation.
A biologist with a master’s Degree in Environmental Education and MBAs on Managerial Accounting and Hotel Management, Oliver has over 25 years’ experience on international cooperation and negotiations on sustainable tourism, event organization, and training and capacity building programs across many themes and issues related to sustainable development. Before the UN, he worked in the private sector, in trade organizations, in NGOs and as a teacher and consultant.

Oliver shared his views on Tourism and Biodiversity in our recent panel article tackling the question: „How can tourism help combat the global biodiversity crisis? What examples and solutions inspire you?