Lindsey Reding

Client Relations Manager at Andaman Discoveries


Lindsey Reding came to Thailand to serve as a community development volunteer in 2010 with the U.S. Peace Corps for twenty seven months in a small village in Prachuab Khiri Khan. This created the opportunity for her to learn the Thai language, understand the culture and truly appreciate how special the country of Thailand is and that sustainable tourism is important to preserve the environment and culture. After 9 months, she knew her place of purpose was in Thailand and furthering the cause of empowering local communities to build their capacity on their own terms. When her Peace Corps service was completed, she began working for Andaman Discoveries as a volunteer coordinator and client relations manager.

Andaman Discoveries (AD) is a social enterprise that provides authentic community-based tours, study and service trips, and volunteering opportunities. Andaman Discoveries offer guests a unique opportunity to immerse in the cultural diversity and spectacular natural beauty of the North Andaman Coast in Southern Thailand. Guests learn about the traditional culture of the local people by taking part in homestays, village and eco tours. Volunteers help serve the underprivileged communities by building capacity through teaching English and service projects. Andaman Discoveries supports the long-term rehabilitation of the region after the 2004 tsunami, and empowers local communities to protect their culture and environment.

Lindsey enjoys interacting with the villagers and participating in the many activities that they graciously share with guests. The natural environment in Thailand is spectacular, unique and something to be cherished. She enjoys sharing this beauty with guests and helping them see the generous hearts and spirits of the Thai people! And to also see the capacity and growth within the local communities as their confidence grows each season.