Karma Tshering

Founder at Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Society

Thimphu, Bhutan


Karma Tshering is a sustainable tourism and livelihood development specialist. He is the CEO and Founder of Eco-Call Consultancy Service, which focuses on planning and management in ecotourism, nature recreation/parks, environment, landscaping, green hotels, sustainable livelihoods, visioning/strategic planning and institutional management.

Recognizing the huge potential tourism can offer to complement Bhutan's overarching development philosophy of Gross National Happiness he recently founded the Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Society as a platform for fostering partnerships and promoting and strengthening sustainable tourism development in Bhutan. He also serves as an evaluator/judge for the National Geographic unique lodges program and legacy awards; Board member in the Asian Ecotourism Network; and as the representative for Travelife to promote sustainability in tourism.

Karma has obtained a Master's degree in Resource Management from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and PhD in Sustainable Tourism from the University of Sydney, Australia.