Jorge Moller

Director, Regenera

Jorge Moller is a sustainable tourism expert with nearly 40 years of leadership and hands-on experience in Chile and throughout Latin America.

After earning degrees in biology and agronomy, he began his career in 1985 as a tour operator and went on to build a company dedicated to environmental and cultural tourism in Chile, providing authentic local experiences and engagement with indigenous communities. In this capacity, he worked with organizations from all over the world to develop tours showcasing Chile’s communities in an integral way, from their gastronomy and history to culture and ecosystems.

He was a founding member of Chile’s adventure travel regulatory organization and has been instrumental in developing industry standards for sustainable tourism in Chile and beyond. Jorge also co-founded the South American Sustainable Tourism Network, through which he works with a variety of Latin American travel destinations to improve the quality of the tourist experience and raise their profile among international travelers.

As the director of the non-governmental organization, Regenera, Jorge is working currently with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to expand sustainable tourism training and knowledge transfer opportunities throughout Latin America. He regularly shares his expertise as a professor, trainer, consultant and speaker, lecturing on tourism and sustainable development and events throughout the region. Jorge is especially passionate about his work with the Mapuche and other indigenous peoples in Chile. Through Regenera, he builds bridges with indigenous communities to create authentic experiences for tourists by sharing their culture and beliefs while generating income to sustain their way of life. He has also worked to connect indigenous groups across borders, traveling with people from communities in Chile to visit other indigenous peoples in Bolivia and Argentina.

In April 2019, Jorge collaborated with Travel with Ann, founded by experiential travel leader Ann Becker, to organize a women’s group trip to Chile. Designed as a cross-cultural exchange, the group met extensively with small business owners and community leaders, predominantly women, in the Araucania region where the majority of Mapuche live.