Jorge Alves

Coordinator at Azores DMO

Azores, Portugal

Jorge Alves is Coordinator at the Azores Destination Management Organization (DMO), the entity responsible for the Sustainability Management of the Azores Tourist Destination.

Under the auspices of the Government of the Azores and the Regional Secretariat for Energy, Environment and Tourism, the DMO’s main function is to coordinate sustainability efforts and initiatives acting as a stimulus for the development of sustainable tourism with public and private sector partners.

The commitment is to ensure that the development of the destination is supported in the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of Agenda 2030 and is applicable to all initiatives and actions of tourism in the Azores, as well as the DMO and its collaborators.

The initiatives of the Azores DMO will be coordinated with the population, with members of the private sector and the public sector, both municipal and various departments of the Regional Government, as well as associations and NGOs.