Ingunn Sørnes

Special Advisor on Sustainability at Innovation Norway

Oslo, Norway

Ingunn Sørnes has for the last years held a position as a special advisor in sustainable tourism in Innovation Norway. Innovation Norway is the main Governmental organization assisting innovation and economic development in different sectors in Norway, among them tourism. Ingunn is responsible for the strategy and operational work on sustainable tourism in Innovation Norway, and over the past 10 years she has developed strategies, tools and instruments for assisting destinations and tourism businesses in their development towards sustainability in tourism.

Under this work Innovation Norway launched a national standard "Sustainable Destinations" in 2013, providing DMOs with management tools, funding and monitoring capability, embedded in a managment system for destinations moving towards a more sustainable future. Up to date 17 destinations are involved in the program.

Ingunn has a MSc from the University of Oslo and Oslo Business School. She also has experience from working on business and rural development in the Ministry of Agriculture, State Bank of Agriculture and Governments Regional Development Fund.