Ethan Gelber

Writer, editor, communicator (devoted to sustainable travel, social transformation, quality digital publishing)
New York, USA

For more than two decades, Ethan Gelber has wandered the planet as a responsible/local/eco/slow traveler. More importantly, as a professional freelance communications strategist, content marketer, writer and editor, including as a Lonely Planet author, AFAR Ambassador, Huffington Post blogger, Open Places eco-columnist and staff writer for the now-defunct Travelllll, he has agitated for responsible/sustainable travel practices, a focus on keeping things local, and quality and relevance in content and destination marketing, and publishing.

Among many other things, Ethan is a co-founder of, a community-curated platform for identifying and celebrating excellent travel content; Destination Accelerator, education and networking opportunities for destination marketers; and EcoAdventure Media, a content-marketing platform supporting eco-conscious brands. He is also a founding advisor/board member of Travel Festivals International, which manages immersive travel events like the New York Travel Festival for a new generation of travelers.

For five years, Ethan was chief communications officer of the WHL Group, the largest local-travel company in the world, for which he founded and edits The Travel Word, a now-independent website that showcases responsible, sustainable and local travel.