Dr. Yawei Jiang

Research Fellow, Lecturer, and Behavioural Science Senior Lab Coordinator at The University of Queensland

Brisbane, Australia

Dr Yawei Jiang is a Post-doc Fellow at UQ Business School at The University of Queensland. She has obtained her PhD degress at the University of Queensland, with the research topic focusing on how to improve tourism organisations and businesses’ interaction with the changing global environment (e.g. natural disasters) by looking at the development and deployment of dynamic capabilities in the tourism industry.

She also works as the senior lab coordinator for the Business School Behavioural Science Laboratory and has helped with several projects that collect data from eye-tracking, skin conductance, and electromyography. She aims to build her research career in crisis/disaster management field and further develop her research skills and contributions through collaboration across disciplines.

She has contributed various projects, including the Go8 (The Group of Eight) ‘Australian Roadmap to Recover and Sustain’ project team to provide suggestions for COVID-19 business recovery, collaborating with researchers across Australia from multiple disciplines.