Dr. Vineeta Hoon

Managing Trustee at Centre for Action Research on Environment, Science and Society (CARESS)


Vineeta Hoon has a PhD in cultural geography and has carried out re- search on traditional lifestyles of pastoral and island communities in Scandinavia and India.  Early in her career she worked as Operations Manager for Tiger Tops Mountain Travel International - an adventure travel company that was into responsible ecotourism before these terms had been coined. This experience has made a lasting impression and comes in handy to develop community based tourism as livelihood option.

She has been engaged in coral reef issues involving island communities in the South Asia region since 1998. She currently serves as the Re- gional Coordinator for SocMon South Asia and Field Representative for Seacology.

Vineeta also is a founder trustee of the Centre for Action Research on Environment, Science and Society (CARESS), an organization set up to help stem the rapid loss of cultural and natural biodiversity with focus on the revival of traditional values amongst island and mountain people through awareness and integration of community- based livelihoods with conservation. 

Vineeta shared her views on Tourism and Biodiversity in our recent panel article tackling the question: „How can tourism help combat the global biodiversity crisis? What examples and solutions inspire you?