Dr. Richard Robinson

Advance Industry Research Fellow at Queensland Tourism Industry Council

Brisbane, Australia

Richard Robinson is Associate Professor of Hospitality at the University of Queensland. Prior to joining UQ in 2005, he practiced as a chef, predominantly managing foodservice operations in the prestige club, heritage facility and hotel sectors. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in hospitality and tourism management and professional development. 

His expertise and scholarship in teaching and learning are recognized by awards and advisory appointments at state, national and international level. His research projects, often funded by competitive local, national and international awarding bodies, explore tourism, hospitality and culinary workforce policy and planning especially in relation to youth and MH&W, skills development, identifying 'foodies' consumer behaviours and designing and evaluating education programs. 

He holds an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship, to develop a tourism workforce crisis resilience and recovery strategy in partnership with Queensland Tourism Industry Council.