Dr. Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner

Technical Assistance Advisor at The Long Run - Preferred by Nature

Nairobi, Kenya


Anne joined The Long Run in 2011, leading on the management and coordination of The Long Run’s global coalition of some of the world’s leading conservation businesses, who together advocate, support and champion tourism as a catalyst to drive positive change and address the climate and biodiversity crisis.

She took the role of Technical Assistance Advisor in 2016 to support members to embed sustainability at the core of businesses’ decision-making, become more competitive and resilient through innovation and strategic business development and sharing of information, knowledge and experiences across the membership.

Prior to joining The Long Run, she worked at the University of Exeter Business School, United Kingdom, as a Research Associate focusing on climate change mitigation and business innovation. She holds a PhD in Management, where she focussed on leadership on best practice in environmental management in small tourism businesses and a postgraduate Diploma in Geography, Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Protection.

The Long Run joined forces with Preferred by Nature (previously NEPCon) in March 2020, to accelerate the expansion of nature conservation by the private sector and within the tourism industry.

Anne-Kathrine shared her examples of Positive Tourism Impacts on Communities in our panel article tackling the question: „There are a lot of great examples that show tourism can be a positive force for local communities. What are some of the most inspiring examples you have experienced?