Claire Bennett

Learning Service at PEPY Tours

Kathmandu, Nepal

Claire Bennett is an experiential educator, development consultant, and writer who has spent the last eight years living in Asia. After graduating from Cambridge University with a first-class degree, she ventured from her native UK to volunteer in Nepal. She later returned as a founder member of a rural development organization, PHASE. Since then, she’s spent time supporting livelihoods activities in rural Cambodia, coordinating regional strategy for “global education” within the UK school system, and facilitating Global Youth Action, connecting disadvantaged youth to global causes.

One of Claire's key passions is ethical volunteering, and she is a co-founder of Learning Service, an online advocacy platform and information portal for potential volunteers. She has helped create guidelines, videos and other resources, and is a co-author of the book, "Learning Service: The Essential Guide for Anyone Considering Volunteer Travel". Claire is also the founder and head trainer of the Nirmana Training Institute and manages the operations of educational tourism company PEPY Tours.