Elisa Spampinato

Elisa Spampinato

Elisa Spampinato is a freelance consultant and researcher in Sustainable Tourism with wide experience in international community-based tourism. Since 2003, she has been involved in activities, researches and social projects on sustainable development and international cooperation in Italy and Brazil. In 2009 she completed a MA in Social Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro allowing her to combine the Social Innovation and Management studies with her background in Anthropology and Sociology.

This experience gave her the knowledge and the inspiration to complete her field work on Slum tourism in Rio de Janeiro, which has recently turned into a book (Tourism in Carioca slums and situated development: the possibility of the encounter in six local community initiatives). She currently collaborates with local and international NGOs and Universities in researches on local development and sustainable tourism, as well as collaborating in social projects at community level in Brazil.

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Elisa Spampinato
Sustainable Tourism Consultant and Researcher

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