Social Media Marketing for Tourism Businesses: Getting Started

Key Social Media Marketing Skills for Tourism Businesses: In this free course you will learn how to use professional skills that can help improve your tourism business' social media efforts. We'll share practical tips, tourism business examples, and specific action steps to help you get started.

Social Media Marketing for Tourism Businesses

Regardless of the size or type of your business, having social media on your side can go a long way in strengthening your travel brand, as it offers a great opportunity to connect with and engage your current and future customers. On the other hand, social media, as we all know, can also be a productivity nightmare if it’s not managed appropriately.

With this free course, learn how to boost and maximize your social media efforts by using key skills that you and your team already have.

To help you get started on effectively using social media for your tourism business branding and marketing efforts, this course shares practical tips, actionable ideas and relevant examples, focused on:

  • Social Skills: Using the networking and people skills you already have to be a likable and approachable brand.
  • Communication Skills: Using social media to actively listen to your audience, so that you're ready engage them in interesting conversations.
  • Content Marketing Skills: Creating and promoting interesting, useful and relevant content that add value to your social community.
  • Management Skills: Making sure that you're managing your social media tasks effectively and efficiently.


Course ExpertFollow Video Instructions

The course includes video lessons led by John Heaven, a freelance communicator and web expert based in Germany, and highlights that using social media effectively requires a variety of professional skills, from networking to project management skills.


Social Media Checklist

Try Out Action Steps

You’ll also find specific action steps to help you get started on actively promoting your social presence. In addition to the specific tips covered in the course, the Course Handbook offers a simple social media marketing to-do list for you.


Social Media Examples

Find Ideas & Inspirations

Check out real-life examples of social media best practices and learn from many leading travel brands to get content marketing ideas and inspirations that you can take to improve your company’s social media marketing efforts.



Module 1: Introduction & Overview

Let's start thinking about some of the key ingredients of social media marketing for your travel brand. In addition to key professional skills that you and your team members will contribute, what do you need to get the right people in your company on board to make social media a success?


Module 2: Start Socializing on Social Media

One of the most important - perhaps most obvious - steps for using social media for business marketing is to be social. How can you make the most of the time you spend on social media socializing and networking?  


Module 3: To Communicate Effectively, Start Listening Actively

Unlike old-school marketing platforms such as billboard advertising, social media marketing is not about broadcasting your message and pushing your sales pitches. On the contrary it's less about what you want to say, but more about what your customers want to hear - so get listening!


Module 4: Focus on Engagement

In addition to listening and being genuinely interested in what your audience is interested in, start thinking about effective ways to get people interested in what you are sharing on social media, focusing on engaging conversations.


Module 5: Create and Promote Interesting Content

To make the most of social media opportunities, you need to be able to craft effective messages, and to deliver the right message to the right audience. Start by actively curating relevant content, and by producing unique, compelling content that your audience will find interesting.


Module 6: Manage Social Media Tasks Effectively

To benefit from the marketing and networking opportunities any social media site, you need to dedicate time regularly to be an active listener and sharer. Time is money, and your success therefore depend on how you effectively manage your time that's invested in social media efforts.


Module 7: Empower Your Team

To get your team members on board with your social media plan, make sure that everyone understands how they're expected to contribute, and address any knowledge/skill gaps that may exist within your business.

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CelestinaA's picture
Thanks for this free course! It was very helpful to read about specific examples of tourism companies on social media, and I liked the checklist very much - a good summary of action steps for me, now that I've found a lot of (almost too many) great ideas!
mikeporters's picture
Gave me a good overview of how to get started. The course is not about how to manage a social media account, but more on how to conquer social media in general. Thanks.
ayakoezaki's picture

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